In this post I talk about pushing the boundaries of reality. And how all of this impacts your personal brand.

The current trend of ‘Personal branding’ headshots, is a bright, punchy and digitally enhanced version of someone.

Sure, these photoshop illusions are stunning, but they often venture too far into make-belief perfection.

Let me ask you this, how do you expect to build trust and a lasting connection based on a first impression that is a false representation of who you are?

And how stressful would it be to try and live up to this illusion when meeting a client for the first time?

In the fashion industry altering a person’s look and appearance is expected.

In the small business and entrepreneur arena, I strongly believe that there is nothing more powerful than building a client relationship that is based on a genuine and honest presence; on the real YOU.

If the customer who meets you for the very first time can barely recognise you in the flesh, how does that impact his or her impression of your authenticity and trust worthiness?

Let’s keep it real. Let me help you connect by being you.

Get in touch today, and start the journey of self discovery, empowerment and a shared purpose.