The way you look, dress, behave, talk and represent yourself all mesh together into your personal brand. And each of these delicate, ever changing, facets can weaken or strengthen whether people feel that they can trust you or not.

So many times I had clients come to a photo shoot who were unsure what to wear, weren’t clear about the message they wanted to convey or hadn’t thought about how and where they were going to use the images. 

It was impossible to deliver impactful images. These layers needed to be defined and polished BEFORE pressing the shutter button.

Over many years I have observed and studied the impact of style, colour, dress, body language, presence and communication on how we are perceived by others.

Bringing in alignment and expressing who you are, want to become and how you show up in the world is my calling.

I sit down with you to assess where you are on your journey and what your goal is.

We then develop a road map together focusing on the layers that need refining to craft and express an intentional personal message.

I work with experts in their field such as career coaches, image consultants, stylists and make up artists.

It’s an exciting and empowering journey and I warmly welcome you to take the leap and BRAND YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL.

“A magnetic personal brand is when your words, appearance, actions and body speak the same, genuine language”.