As I’m clearing off the table, wade through scrunched up wrapping paper and step over new toys I’m saddened that as the party host I didn’t get nearly enough photo opportunities. As a photographer and 21st century mum I’m suddenly acutely aware that I lost the ability to enjoy and consciously drink in a moment. […]

Without a doubt, video is the most powerful tool to reach your clients. Video attracts more visitors to your website and translates into much higher content retention than any text. In fact, 95% of a video message is retained compared to only 10% of written text. That is a mind boggling statistic but not at […]

In this post I talk about pushing the boundaries of reality. And how all of this impacts your personal brand. The current trend of ‘Personal branding’ headshots, is a bright, punchy and digitally enhanced version of someone. Sure, these photoshop illusions are stunning, but they often venture too far into make-belief perfection. Let me ask […]